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Antioxidant supplement

Palm-based tocotrienol Palm-based tocotrienolVitaTrin is a palm-based tocotrienol, a member of the Vitamin E family of molecules. The Vit. E family contains eight compounds, classified into two groups, the tocopherols and tocotrienols, that vary slightly in chemical structure. Tocotrienols are powerful antioxidants capable of neutralising free radicals, which can cause tissue and cellular damage. Recent […]


Bench-top incubators with temperature control

Bench-top incubators A range of compact, space-saving benchtop incubators, which provide excellent choice and flexibility for the laboratory scientist, are now available. These incubators, or hybridisation units, provide a chamber temperature from ambient temperature to 85ºC and are ideal for many laboratory tasks, such as cell and tissue culture applications. The range includes 21 models, […]


Affordable testing for powder characterization

powder characterization ith the introduction of their new Powder Flow Tester (PFT). Brookfield Engineering delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behaviour in industrial processing equipment. The new system is ideal for manufacturers who process powders daily and want to minimize or eliminate the downtime and expense that occur when hoppers/silos fail to discharge. […]


Authentic beef flavour collection

Authentic beef flavour collection Today’s consumers want meat dishes to taste homemade, be thoroughly healthy and be prepared rather quickly. The beef flavour collection from Symrise offers flavour solutions for the food industry that meet these needs. Most importantly, the collection provides an authentic and delicious flavour, no matter how the dishes are cooked. While […]


Blancher with top liftable cover

Hygiene and bacteriology are top priorities for many companies in the food industry and this is where the new feature of this blancher can save time, both for cleaning and servicing. Cleaning of the blanchers until now has taken place via the cover and the inspection doors. The new Top Lift enables much better access, […]


Analytical software platform

Progenesis QI Progenesis QI is a novel software platform that is able to perform alignment, peak picking, and mining of data to quantify then identify significant molecular alterations between groups of samples. Progenesis QI Software effectively streamlines and simplifies complicated nontargeted, unknown screening workflows and makes compound isolation and identification faster, easier and more robust. […]


Autonomous fill level monitor

Autonomous fill level monitor. A stand-alone solution to monitor fill level of bottles, the new Checkmat 753 HF uses high-frequency measurements to accurately detect whether a bottle’s fill level is too high or too low. In contrast to X-ray or gamma-ray detection, the high-frequency process requires neither special permits nor elaborate safety precautions. The unit […]


Bran with improved mouthfeel

Bran with improved mouthfeel Kampffmeyer’s innovative bran “Softbran Don Minus” has the same dietary fibre value as conventional bran products, but is milder in taste and displays a significantly better mouthfeel. The bitter taste and rough, coarse structure present in conventional bran is absent from the new milled product, which is made from germinable, healthy […]


100% recycled PET bottle

Berlin startup Share is the first beverage producer in Germany to sell its water in PET bottles made of 100% recyclate. The plans are ambitious: in 2019 Share wants to fill water into about a million bottles a month made entirely of recycled PET and thus save over 200 metric tons of plastic waste a […]


Antioxidants for instant drinks

NutraT line Extracting natural ingredients from the Mediterranean diet is the expertise of Nutrafur S.A. now a member of the Frutarom group. Nutrafur S.A., Alcantarilla, Murcia, Spain, developed NutraT, a line of ready-to-use soluble powder formulas that dissolve easily in water, soft drinks and dairy products. Once the powders dissolve, the beverage stays clear, without […]