Antibiotic residue test – official in the Netherlands

Delvotest T
DSM Food Specialties’ Delvotest T was chosen by QLIP, Dutch partner in quality assurance in the agrofood chain, as the national reference test to detect antibiotic residues in milk. The broad spectrum test was selected because of its high sensitivity and reliability. The test is fully compliant with Dutch dairy regulations, promoting a high quality milk supply throughout the whole dairy chain, from farmer to dairy to consumer. QLIP is commissioned by Dutch dairy companies to determine the composition and quality of farm milk samples. The analyses they perform meet the specific requirements of the official Dutch dairy regulations and detect the most relevant residues at or below the European Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs). Delvotest T is a broad spectrum test which identifies a variety of antibiotics at or below EU MRLs with higher sensitivity for tetracyclines than any other microbiological screening test. QLIP selected Delvotest T because the test is closest to the aimed detection level and because of its robust performance and consistent results. In the Netherlands, there is a successful programme in place to reduce the usage of antibiotics in general. A test like Delvotest T is an important tool to safeguard the suitability of milk that forms the basis for the broad range of Dutch dairy products.


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