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Sustainable fisheries and the well-being of fishers — a Q&A with Alfredo Giron-Nava and Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor

Marine fisheries employ millions of people around the world and play an essential role in aquatic food systems. However, while there is a strong push for achieving biological sustainability in global fisheries, is not enough to ensure the well-being of fishers and their families, according to a new paper published in Fish and Fisheries. The […]


Immune defence in the food industry – an interview with 8 manufacturers

The pandemic has brought the topic of immune defence into sharp focus. Many consumers are increasingly turning to functional foods and dietary supplements that help support the body’s own defences. Eight manufacturers are interviewed to discover what challenges and innovation potential they foresee in the “Immune Health” segment.   AstaReal – Maryanne Mburu, Senior Key […]


INTERVIEW: Neal Dando, President Pittcon 2021

This year’s Pittsburgh Conference (Pittcon 2021) – from 8-12 March and on demand until 12 June – is taking place virtually. Food Engineering & Ingredients speaks to Neal Dando, Pittcon 2021 President about the new format.       Food Engineering & Ingredients: Pittcon 2021 in March is being held virtually. How has this changed […]


Gulpener and its brew house of the future

Gulpener is a household name in Limburg. The family-owned brewery has made a name for itself in the Dutch province and in the rest of the Netherlands by making sustainable, local beers and pilsners. This year, the company opened a brand new brewhouse, aiming to produce beer fossil-free by 2030. Willem van Kuyck reports.


Profiling of gin botanicals by Headspace-SPME Arrow-GCXGC-MSD/FID

Gins are essentially neutral spirit flavoured with various botanicals by compounding or by distillation. There are hundreds of botanicals used to flavour gin, most commonly juniper with other seeds, herbs, roots and fruits. In distilled gins, the aromatic compounds (usually oils) are absorbed by the spirit in which the botanicals are steeped, or by the […]


Challenges and opportunities for the Turkish food industry

Food Engineering & Ingredients speaks to Eppo Woortman about the Turkish food industry. Woortman, a specialist in cold-chain logisitics, moved from the Netherlands to Turkey in 2004, and since then has been sharing his expertise and advising Turkish food producers on the transport of perishable goods and fresh food preservation technology.