3D Stevia Sweetener

Liteez is a new, 3D stevia sweetener for hot drinks. This “free-from” meringue sweet addresses the growing demand for sugar reduction in beverages. The patent-pending vegan meringue sweet is a completely plant-based treat. It is free from any allergens, such as eggs, gluten, lactose, or nuts, and contains just a few simple ingredients, including prebiotic fibres that build sweetness, act as a bulking agent, and function as a nutraceutical. Liteez is an easy-to-use sugar replacer that doubles as a sweet treat. It can be eaten as a treat when drinking tea or coffee or, if sweetness is needed in the drink, it can be stirred right in, completely dissolving in about half a minute. While the Liteez sweetener delivery system can be formulated with different types of sweeteners, using stevia posed a challenge since the acidity and isoelectric point of the mixture changes completely relative to using other high-intensity sweeteners, such as sucralose. The delicate balance between a foam that sets firm yet is soluble enough to dissolve in a hot drink was, however, attained. Because Liteez contains mostly fibre, the aftertaste of stevia also was able to be effectively masked.


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