95% pure, natural Beta-Elemene

Beta-Elemene is a natural ingredient which is used in the food, beverage and flavour & fragrance industries and is now available on a commercial scale. Compared to conventional Beta-Elemene, which is produced from herbs, it offers the advantages of a purity that exceeds 95%, a quality that is consistent and a 10-fold reduction in cost. The bio-based, natural Beta-Elemene Pure™ is produced using a proprietary fermentation process. Isobionics has succeeded in isolating the building block Beta-Elemene Pure™ with a purity exceeding 95%. Normally the purity of conventional Beta-Elemene is around 80%. The sustainable production process ensures consistent quality and provides the possibility to deliver large quantities. It is a process based on renewable resources that enables the company to realize a considerable cost reduction which is reflected in the sales price. Beta-Elemene is a constituent that occurs in citrus fruit as well as in 50 plants and herbs. It is mainly extracted from Curcuma Wenyujin (Ginger root). The traditional process for the isolation of Beta-Elemene is very labour intensive and additionally requires a lot of processing. Further, the original product is harvest-dependent and therefore quality is not consistent.


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