Air disperser for full-scale spray dryer

Niro Air Disperser
The GEA Niro Air Disperser type DDD is a key component in a spray drying plant and its performance is crucial for both product quality and plant efficiency. The DDD Air Disperser incorporates all the latest knowledge within spray drying and is designed using GEA’s proprietary CFD simulation tools.

It is supplied with most new, medium and large-size GEA Niro Spray Dryers and has proved its reputation in more than 90 plants with capacities up to 30 tons/hour producing products such as milk powder, nutritional formulas and food ingredients. Several cases have proved the efficiency of the DDD Air Disperser. It provides better control of the drying process – compared with other types of Air Dispersers – producing a more uniform product, and longer production runs between cleaning thereby reducing down-time. This has proved to increase the production capacity of spray dryers by up to 15-17%. Designing the complete powder plant for continuous operation – by adding additional evaporation and feed systems – allows producers to take full benefit of the DDD Air Disperser’s production capacity. Gaining an additional 3-4 hours uptime every day, where the plant would normally be out of operation for cleaning, improves the overall plant output by 15-20%.

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