Algae extract for creamy, low-fat desserts

Algaia launches its innovative texturizing ingredient derived from algae. The ingredient marks the latest technology for formulating low-fat, yet rich and creamy dairy desserts. The company also introduces a line of innovative alginates developed for making edible films. The ingredients are suitable for vegan foods and have been successfully tested in sports drink applications as well. With a range of alginates, carrageenans, natural seaweed extracts in active ingredients and customized solutions, Algaia brings next-level texturizing and functional benefits to the food, supplement, personal care and agriculture industries. The company processes local fresh seaweed and extracts valuable bioactives at its modern, “clean & green” facility. Algaia is a fast-growing biomarine company headquartered in Paris, with an R&D centre in Normandy and a production facility in Brittany (close to the second-largest harvested fresh seaweed biomass in continental Europe). The company is ISO 9001- and FSSC 22000-certified, with most of its product line certified kosher and halal.


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