Alternative to lecithin for chocolate manufacturers

Alternative to lecithin
Chocolate manufacturers are currently experiencing increased market pressure due to high prices and shortage of raw materials such as IP soy lecithin. One consequence of an inability to source the necessary lecithin could be that the manufacturer has to increase the total fat content in the chocolate e.g. from 32 % to 36 %, a recipe adjustment that would mean substantial increases in costs. Providing a new solution for chocolate manufacturers to avoid the current shortage situation of IP soy lecithin and to enable them to decrease recipe costs, Ammonium Phosphatide – Palsgaard AMP 4448 is an efficient alternative to lecithin in chocolate products. Significantly outperforming lecithin in terms of viscosity reduction in chocolate production, the new product does not have the well known ‘lecithin problem’ of increased viscosity above 0.4 % dosage, thus opening up new recipe innovations. The use of AMP 4448 means that the chocolate manufacturer can save up to 4 % cocoa butter, yet still achieve the same flow properties in the chocolate.


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