Animal protein ingredients

Animal protein
Nölke Pure Ingredients focusses natural animal protein concentrates. The company does not offer its customers “ready-made products”, but emphasises service and a high level of flexibility. All items manufactured at the Versmold site can be customised to meet clients’ individual requirements and specifications. The targeted use of different batches of raw materials for example, influences solubility and amino acid composition; the functionality of individual protein factors is defined by regulating the temperature and pH value. Fresh and natural ingredients are exclusively utilised to produce broths, stocks and extracts. Chicken, turkey and beef, as well as game and fish, provide the raw materials for the variety of choice products manufactured by the company. Production at the Versmold site focusses on wet goods; poultry extracts are also offered in powder form. Approximately 50% of the broths and stocks produced are exported, including halal-certified goods, specifically produced for the Muslim market. Animal protein concentrates are an indispensable ingredient of many convenience products. They are used in all types of ready meals such as soups, sauces, stocks, as well as pasta and pan-fried dishes. As chilled foods and frozen meals have been achieving high levels of sales in recent years, Nölke Pure Ingredients is participating in the high growth of this trend segment by focussing on the product area. The potential for ready meals has not been exploited – by far. The company’s cooperation with industrial customers
constantly opens up new application areas for functional proteins.

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