Aseptic blow moulding system

Blow moulding system
The ABF (Aseptic Blow Fill) system, a rotary aseptic blow moulding machine (Airstar) with an integrated aseptic filler and capper, decontaminates preforms with an H2O2 dry process, and maintains this sterility when blow moulding PET bottles and throughout the entire filling and capping process. Any possible risk of contamination during blow moulding and bottle transfers has been minimised; the whole process takes place within a sterile zone and all non-cleanable components are located outside the machine. This extremely flexible solution can blow and fill up to 48,000 bottles an hour and operate at different levels of decontamination: this allows products with different shelf lives – low-acid aseptic beverages, high-acid aseptic beverages, ESL beverages, etc. – to be produced on the same system. Using almost no chemicals or water, and minimal energy, the whole system is also more compact than traditional technology and requires fewer operators, allowing considerable operational and maintenance cost savings.


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