Automated high throughput LC-MS solution for water and beverage analysis

Automated high throughput LC-MS solution
An innovative LC-MS system with high resolution and accurate mass, the EQuan MAX enables new screening and quantitative capabilities that provide enhanced system flexibility and productivity. The instrument uses the power of the Exactive LC-MS, a high resolution benchtop LC-MS system powered by Oribtrap technology, designed for high throughput. In addition, the EQuan MAX can be used with the company’s full range of TSQ series triple stage quadrupole mass spectrometers, providing a comprehensive solution for the analysis of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, endocrine disruptors and perfluorinated compounds in environmental water, drinking water and beverages. Samples are directly injected for LC/MS analysis, eliminating the need for off-line sample preconcentration. The unique online sample preparation technique reduces analysis time from days to minutes. The large injection volume (1-20mL) improves detection limits over conventional LC-MS analysis. In addition, the EQuan MAX supports injection volumes as low as 1µL. Switching between injection volumes can be automated for overnight operation and increased productivity, without the need to manually change plumbing configurations.


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