Automatic inserter technology

tna’s inserter is designed to automatically place singular 3D objects into tna’s robag 3 vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging equipment, completely eliminating missed inserts and manual labor. Operation is simple. The operator selects a set up a program on the system’s existing touch key pad to run the tna robag 3 with inserters. tna’s inserter system is so accurate, it offers 0% missed inserts, and reduces the number of multiple inserts dramatically at inserting speeds of 100 bpm, doubling manual speeds 40-50 bpm.
Inserts are fed into an 80L hopper in a bulk or loose state where they are then vibrated on demand into the tna inserter’s rotary vibrating bowl. tna core products offer a range of robag stand-alone and turn-key systems that are renowned in the industry for bagging speed capabilities, efficiency and overall performance. The robag VFFS system has experienced much success in the snack, confectionery, biscuit, cereal, pasta, powder and fresh produce markets, and can form pillow, block bottom, quattro, string and canoe bags.


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