Automatic range of cooking systems for sugar confectionery

cooking systems
A new series of cooking systems to handle every kind of sugar confectionery is being launched by Baker Perkins. Proven, unique cooking process technologies are at the heart of the AutoCook concept, backed by modular units configured to provide an efficient, automatic solution for a wide range of outputs. The cooking method depends on process and product requirements. The choice includes the Microfilm swept surface cooker, regarded as the industry standard for sugar and sugar-free high boiled and hard candies, including those with milk and cream; the Turbofilm plate pack cooking system ideal for jelly products;  the Carablend for toffee and caramel; and a dedicated fondant cooker. Cookers are integrated with skid mounted systems for weighing and mixing, dissolving, pre-cooking and colour and flavour addition. The systems are designed for easy installation, maximum efficiency and minimal cleaning and maintenance. Controls can be either stand alone or integrated with upstream and downstream systems.     
AutoCook systems cover the full range of syrup based confectionery including hard candy, lollipops, toffee, fondants, fudge, jellies and fruit snacks. A system can be configured to make a variety of products – both soft and hard candies, for example. The systems can feed most types of confectionery forming techniques, including starchless depositing, die forming, slab forming, extrusion, cut and wrap, and starch mogul processes.  

Baker Perkins
Peterborough, Cambridge, UK


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