Automation components for bakeries

The range extends from the automation of inverter-controlled dough mixer applications to increasing the effectiveness of the overall system (Overall Equipment Effectiveness, OEE) up to production-enhancing robot technology. For example, using the MES-IT interface module, continuous communication can be realized simply even in a heterogeneous, historically grown application structure – a so-called “brownfield” production plant – by interconnecting island solutions. Fully in line with Industry 4.0, the module acquires production data and test results at each stage of production and transmits them in real time to higher-level systems. These enable the systems to produce clear, meaningful evaluations by using Excel, SAP or pre-prepared reports. The link to existing systems can be established quickly without interrupting machine sequences. Preventive maintenance is a big issue in the food industry. If a machine fails without prior warning, the complete batch normally has to be disposed of. Flexible maintenance and service concepts like FAG SmartCheck or the life-cycle software tool MAPS offer a remedy. FAG SmartCheck, for example, detects and reports the first vibrations in a drive long before any noise is emitted. As a result, the reaction time up to machine failure is considerably greater and the maintenance cycle can be adapted to production at a suitably early stage. To increase plant flexibility and availability, it often makes sense to use robots. If several products are manufactured, packaged or removed on one line, the timing can be configured to be significantly faster and more cost-efficient by using space-saving robots and camera systems. At the same time the high hygiene standards of the food industry are met. The fully integrated automation concept iQ Platform ultimately combines all components up to robot control on one single platform and ensures seamless communication within the plant.


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