Beer stabilisation product

Beer stabilisation product
Brewers Clarex is a highly successful enzymatic concept for beer stabilisation, which enables brewers to effectively stabilise beer, whilst increasing production capacity, and reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint. The product effectively prevents chill haze formation, while enabling brewers to significantly reduce or completely remove the costly, time-consuming and environmentally damaging sub-zero temperature stabilisation stage from their brewing processes. It is easy to use and requires no capital investment unlike current stabilising agents, thus simplifying brewing operations. It also enables sustainable production without generating disposal waste – resulting in a up to 8% reduction in the environmental impact of beer stabilisation when compared to the use of classical powder stabilisers, such as silica gel and PVPP (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone). In addition, Brewers Clarex is compatible with cross-flow membrane filtration technology, for a completely powder-free beer manufacturing process.

DSM Food Specialties
Delft, The Netherlands


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