Bench-top incubators with temperature control

Bench-top incubators
A range of compact, space-saving benchtop incubators, which provide excellent choice and flexibility for the laboratory scientist, are now available. These incubators, or hybridisation units, provide a chamber temperature from ambient temperature to 85ºC and are ideal for many laboratory tasks, such as cell and tissue culture applications. The range includes 21 models, all of which feature microprocessor control of temperature in precise 0.1ºC increments, as well as a continuous and programmable timer function which is easily viewed on the LCD screen. Accuracy is maintained to within ±0.2ºC. The standard incubator is supplied with stainless steel mesh shelves, and other options are available with specialist vortex, orbital, rocking or reciprocal shaking platforms. All of the incubators (except the standard model), can be supplied with hybridisation rotisseries for enhanced function. The incubators are compact and stackable, and thus have only a small footprint, ensuring maximum space-saving and multi-tasking for the busy, modern laboratory.


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