Bone health ingredient

Novel application possibilities are now available for the bone health and nutrition market, including gummies, tablets and drinks. With bone mineral density declining from the age of 40, bone health and nutrition are of growing importance to both men and women. Dietary changes like the consumption of collagen peptides can delay the onset of agerelated conditions such as osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis. Rousselot’s range of natural Peptan collagen peptides have been proven, in many scientific studies, to support bone health. Clinical trials have shown that Peptan significantly improves bone mineral density and reduces bone loss. Peptan has also been recognized in supporting joint and muscle health as well as having skin health benefits. Easily digestible, Peptan can be used in varied applications, including inventive BonePlus gummies containing 20% Peptan enriched with calcium, chewy tablets and a mobility drink.


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