Branded health ingredients

Lonza will be demonstrating a range of its products including Carnipure, a special grade of L-Carnitine. Extensive clinical research has discovered that Carnipure can play a beneficial role in many areas of health, including recovery from exercise, weight management and healthy ageing. FiberAid is a premium prebiotic fibre consisting of arabinogalactan extracted from larch trees via a patented process. Stable at a wide range of pH and temperatures, it is also highly soluble in hot and cold water and forms low viscosity solutions. FiberAid offers superior benefits for gastrointestinal health combined with excellent digestive tolerance. DHAid is a purely vegetarian source of omega-3 DHA. Lonza’s innovative technology using naturally occurring microalgae allows DHA oils with superior quality to be produced in an entirely controlled production environment based on renewable resources. Health benefits include the protection and support of brain, heart and eye health.


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