Breakthrough in dark cocoa powder taste

cocoa powder taste
A breakthrough in dark cocoa powder taste has been made with the introduction by Cargill of its innovative DB82 10- 12% Gerkens cocoa powder. Until now dark powders provided the much valued intense colour for a range of applications, but with such intensity of colour there can be an off-taste, sometimes associated with bitterness. In addressing this issue, Cargill’s specialised application centre in Baupte, France, has made a breakthrough that has produced a unique dark powder with a round, pleasant and smooth chocolaty flavour. Cocoa powder is used in coatings and spreads, bakery and dairy applications, with Cargill offering the widest range of powders in the industry. Produced at Cargill’s Gerkens cocoa plant near Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, DB82 has a relatively high pH, but tests across a range of applications have shown that this does not have a negative effect on taste, stability or processing parameters.


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