Brevel’s microalgae facility opens, delivering novel plant protein

Brevel, Ltd. has unveiled its first commercial-scale facility dedicated to producing microalgae-based protein powder. The 27,000 square-foot [2,500 square metre] plant in the Israeli desert can churn out hundreds of tonnes of this clean, non-GMO, planet-friendly protein annually.


Fermentation meets photosynthesis

The key innovation driving Brevel’s microalgae cultivation is the combination of fermentation and light exposure. As CEO Yonatan Golan explains: “Combining light and fermentation is like putting an electric motor into a Tesla car – it sounds simple but is extremely complex.” While fermentation enables high yields, photosynthesis remains crucial for microalgae to develop their full nutritional profile of protein, lipids, fibre and pigments.

Scaling sustainable protein 

Brevel’s patented bioprocess yields a 60-70% protein concentrate from chlorella microalgae via sugar fermentation under light. The neutral-tasting powder can be seamlessly integrated into plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. Brevel plans to first target alternative dairy, boosting protein content while mimicking the sensory experience of traditional dairy. Joint ventures in the US, Europe and Asia will establish larger facilities to meet anticipated demand.

Multi-functional applications

In addition to the protein concentrate, Brevel valorizes other algae components as clean-label emulsifiers and functional food ingredients. At the facility’s inauguration, visitors sampled plant-based cheese analogues showcasing Brevel’s blend of nutrition and sensory appeal. “This is just the start for Brevel’s contribution to an affordable, nutritious protein supply chain,” said Ido Golan, CTO.

The US$19 million seed round last year from investors like NevaTeam Partners enabled this commercial scale-up. With its neutral flavour and competitive pricing to pea and soy, Brevel’s microalgae protein offers an attractive option for plant-based product developers.