Calcium boosters for foods and drinks

Omya’s high purity calcium carbonate portfolio is suitable for a wide variety of functional foods. Thanks to its high elemental calcium content of approximately 40%, Omya Calcipur is one of the most concentrated sources of calcium in the market. That makes it possible to use up to five times less of this ingredient than other available technical solutions while achieving the same calcium dose in a finished foodstuff. Fields of application include baby products, vegan drinks, bakery produce, snack bars and breakfast cereals. Depending on the dosage used, calcium-related claims can be made on pack. One of the main advantages of Omya Calcipur is the low dosage needed for supplementation, resulting in reduced costs and less impact on the sensory profile of the final foodstuff . Comprising different grades of natural calcium carbonates, Omya’s portfolio enables manufacturers to produce the best possible results in terms of nutrition and taste. Demand for calcium is expected to grow in the coming years. Because of demographic changes and aging populations, experts predict that the number of people suffering from osteoporosis will increase significantly. But it’s not just the elderly who can benefit from calcium fortification. An increasing number of consumers are omitting dairy products from their diet. Offering functional foods that remove the risk of developing calcium deficiency disorders is, therefore, an important task for the food industry.


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