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Hope rides on our ingenuity

It is well known in the food industry that over the past several years there has been a marked shift in consumer demand for plant-based foods, not only a preference for simply fruit and vegetables, but also a demand for plant-based meats.


Advanced profiling of food volatiles by GC×GC-qMS: a comparative analysis of roasted hazelnuts from different origins

Introduction GC×GC combines an unmatched separation power with the capacity to generate highly ordered, structure- related patterns that help classification based on the analytes distribution in the 2D space. These features make GC×GC an excellent technique for the exhaustive characterization of complex samples such as those encountered in the food industry. The high level of […]


UK Government delays high-fat food regulations

Researchers argue that a delay by the UK Government to restrict promotions on foods High in Fat, Sugar and Salt (HFSS) this October is a “step back” in combating rising obesity levels, according to a new perspective in Obesity, The Obesity Society’s (TOS) flagship journal.


Building sustainability throughout the farm to fork value chain

Globally, consumers demand greater transparency and a closer connection to the food and beverages they consume. Beyond nutrition facts, they want to know about their food source, how it was processed and transported, and animal welfare. A host of environmental, health and ethical factors drive this need for increased supply chain visibility.


Envisioning net-zero food systems

A new assessment [1] of over 60 scenarios based on current low-emission practices shows that realizing net-zero food systems will require widescale adoption of new technologies in the next two decades and changes in meat and dairy consumption. A more diverse set of practices and innovative research, including diet shifts and new-horizon technologies, will be […]