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Glatt offers new fluid bed options for solvent-based processes and products requiring Kosher and Halal conditions

When developing and launching new products, speed is a critical factor. However, sensitive ingredients and solvent-based processes often present manufacturers with technological challenges. In process expert and plant manufacturer Glatt’s upgraded technology centre, support from initial idea and scale-up to industrial production is readily available. At the company’s Technology Centre in Weimar, Glatt operates a […]


Synergy Flavours adds to its citrus portfolio with new Italian extracts

  Synergy Flavours has drawn on the 130-year heritage of its Italian business to develop a new Italian Provenance citrus range, which taps into consumer demand for premiumisation and increased product transparency. The extracts, developed using traditional extraction techniques to produce distillates, infusions and washes, include Calabrian lemon, Italian blood orange, Italian bergamot, Sicilian blonde […]


International Molasses introduces powdered sweetener made from cane juice

International Molasses, a leading supplier of molasses and natural sweeteners, has introduced CaneRite™ Panela, an all-natural, free-flowing powder sweetener made from the freshly squeezed juice of the entire sugar cane plant. Unlike conventional “raw sugar” products, CaneRite Panela is unrefined and non-centrifuged, so that it authentically and comprehensively retains all the cane plant’s original flavor […]


AstaReal introduces high-quality feed ingredient brand NOVASTA

  AstaReal is launching its astaxanthin brand NOVASTA® for antioxidant-rich pet food and feed supplements in the European market. With its high content of natural astaxanthin and additional valuable carotenoids, proteins, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids, the wholesome ingredient supports optimal health and nutrition for a variety of animals. Microalgae Astaxanthin is nature’s most powerful […]


Synergy Flavours launches collection of ‘Inspiring Fruits’ essences

Synergy Flavours has launched ‘Inspiring Fruits’, a collection of fruit essences, natural named flavours and depictable flavours. The newest addition to the Synergy Pure range of extracts and essences, the collection offers manufacturers a range of natural solutions to suit a variety of food and drink applications. The Inspiring Fruits collection consists of essences, natural […]


WLS introduces RFID labelling solutions

WLS, a ProMach product brand, has showcased its latest RFID labelling solutions at Pack Expo Las Vegas. To meet the unique needs of each customer, WLS has adapted its high-speed pressure sensitive label applicators and label printers to incorporate the latest RFID technology. By applying RFID labels to vials, bottles, tubes, syringes and devices, WLS delivers dynamic […]


Faravelli’s FARA functional systems for food engineering

Based on hydrocolloids (stabilisers and emulsifiers) Faravelli’s FARA® functional systems have always guaranteed the best balance between innovation, cost and quality. FARA functional systems, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, are tailor-made, following specific customer requests. The blends include emulsifiers, natural hydrocolloids and functional ingredients that give foods and beverages unique characteristics, for example […]


Loryma introduces wheat-based ingredient for vegan fish products

Loryma, a specialist in wheat ingredients, has introduced a new concept for trend-setting vegan fish products. Various functional wheat ingredients such as starches and proteins interact to authentically replicate the muscle meat of fish, and provide typical mouth feel. Using a modular principle, Loryma’s ingredients enable a range of applications such as vegan fried fish […]