Givaudan develops Customer Foresight platform

Aligned with its ambition to shape the future of food, Givaudan has developed a Customer Foresight platform aimed to help customers co-create winning food solutions.

Givaudan’s ground-breaking Customer Foresight ‘futurescaping’ platform will leverage big data, artificial intelligence technology and Givaudan’s expertise to co-create food experiences with customers and meet the ever changing needs of consumers.

The Food & Beverage industry is facing profound disruption driven by rapidly changing consumer and customer needs. From enabling the movement to more mindful and planet-friendly diets due to growing environmental concerns, to providing more nutritious food choices and helping consumers achieve their wellbeing goals, the industry must think differently to address this transformative shift, says the company. The intent of Givaudan’s Customer Foresight is to help food and beverage companies deliver on these unmet needs and vast expectations.

Louie D’Amico, President Taste & Wellbeing, Givaudan said: “Customer Foresight can help anticipate tomorrow’s

challenges and untangle the future of consumer expectations. Its power is found in the combination of external mass data and proprietary Givaudan information, that is harnessed into highly valuable insights through AI, along with the in-depth knowledge of the food ecosystem that our experts bring to the equation. This holistic approach, combining technologies and human expertise, will allow our customers to address the full scope of future consumer needs.”

At the heart of Customer Foresight is a proprietary digital engine that enables Givaudan’s experts in their consideration of the future. By partnering with Givaudan, customers will be able to detect signals and emerging trends to anticipate future potential outcome scenarios, opening opportunities to enhance the current development processes, the company says in a statement.

Givaudan’s Customer Foresight is currently being piloted in two test markets ahead of its launch in 2023.

Givaudan develops Customer Foresight platform

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