GoodMills Innovation’s Slow Milling range supports artisanal baking on an industrial scale

With its Slow Milling range, GoodMills Innovation offers industrial and retail bakeries a superior selection of ingredients for artisan baking. They include Ferment’tic, so-called Kastanienerbse and Wood-fired Malt, all of which meet evolving market trends and demand for flavoursome, affordable and convincing end products.

In an environment where consumers demand great-tasting products that are not only natural, sustainable and high-quality, but also cost-effective, GoodMills Innovation’s Slow Milling portfolio ticks all the boxes.

Its ingredients allow traditional artisanal bakery products to be perfectly replicated on an industrial scale. Such large scale production allows for improved cost-efficiencies and therefore more competitively priced, yet still fresh and visually appealing, products on supermarket shelves. This clearly gives manufacturers a USP for cash-conscious consumers who want baked goods with a handcrafted feel but at a price that suits their budget. The Slow Milling portfolio further aligns with their values through a commitment to using only high-quality ingredients that are both sustainable and clean label.

The range includes Ferment’tic, a completely natural baking improver that enhances dough handling, prolongs freshness and supports the creation of products that boast a Mediterranean style moist crumb with large holes, and crispy crust.

Kastanienerbse, meanwhile, is a clean label ingredient derived from roasted yellow pea.

It promises a nutty flavour, firm bite and moist, rich crumb. It is also the ideal substitute for soy groats (soy is often linked to GMO issues), perfectly replicating their taste and texture. Additionally, GoodMills Innovation’s Wood-fired Malt, a rare product in the market, offers the aromatic flavour typical of goods baked in a wood-fired oven. All of these products address growing consumer preference for artisan-style bakery items, yet also allow for large-scale manufacture.

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