Italian snack manufacturer boosts production capacity by 76% with integrated solutions

In response to the accelerating snacks market in Italy and growing consumer preference for budget-friendly private-label goods, Preziosi Food, a prominent Italian manufacturer of potato crisps and snacks, has significantly expanded its production capacity. The company partnered with TNA solutions to implement a comprehensive upgrade of its manufacturing facilities within a stringent 12-month timeframe.

TNA partners with Preziosi Food

Innovative frying technology enhances product quality

The centrepiece of the upgrade is a high-performance continuous frying system featuring patented opti-flow® technology. This advanced system ensures batch consistency and reduces rejects. Moreover, the incorporation of a double heat exchanger to lower the outfeed oil temperature to 150°C has yielded multiple benefits, including reduced acrylamide formation, enhanced colour intensity, and improved product crunchiness.

Eric Geling, Chief Sales Officer at TNA solutions, explained the project’s scope: “Our objective was to ensure that each machine delivers on its promise, from the highest output level to the lowest downtime. TNA’s high-performance potato crisp line includes washing, cutting, frying, distribution, seasoning, and high-speed packaging, enabling Preziosi to operate at speeds of up to 1,500kg/hour.”

Seamless integration of processing and packaging systems

The upgrade also included the installation of a state-of-the-art pellet frying system, which doubled line capacity to 600kg/hour. TNA’s roflo® vibratory and horizontal conveyor systems were implemented to reduce product breakages and increase distribution speeds.

To accommodate Preziosi’s diverse product range of over 300 SKUs across potato crisps, pellets, and extruded items, multiple TNA on-machine seasoning systems (OMS) were deployed. These systems facilitate seamless changeovers and enable simultaneous operation across multiple products. The installation of five new tna robag® packaging systems further enhanced Preziosi’s ability to meet demand whilst maintaining product quality.

Overcoming challenges to achieve growth

Lorenzo Caporaletti, President and CEO of Preziosi Food, commented on the project’s challenges: “Our requirements were not only cutting-edge technology; we also wanted to manage the installation and improve the plant within a strict 12-month period without stopping or slowing production. It required a lot of creative thinking from both sides”.

Despite these obstacles, the collaboration between Preziosi and TNA solutions resulted in a remarkable 76% increase in snack production capacity. This expansion has positioned Preziosi to better serve the growing demand for private-label snacks in the Italian market whilst maintaining its commitment to delivering high-quality, safe, and controlled products.