Loryma expands portfolio of extrudates

Ingredient specialist Loryma is enlarging its range of functional extrudates that optimise the nutritional value and mouthfeel of various products. The Lory Crisp range brings a crunchy effect to breakfast cereals, muesli bars, and baked goods. Depending on whether they are based on wheat, corn, rice, and quinoa different attributes such as high-fibre, and sugar-free can be realised.

Furthermore, the protein-rich Lory IsoCrisp made from whey and milk protein is ideally suited for trend applications aimed at health-conscious consumers. They provide exciting features for applications such as fitness bars, snacks, and baked goods. 

Breadings with products from the Lory Crumb range are particularly crispy and efficiently protect substrates such as meat or veggie products during frying or deep-frying. Various blends differ in colouring, nutritional value, and shape. Matched to processing types and end products, Loryma offers extruded crumbs based on corn, rice, and potatoes for this purpose.

For more information, visit: https://crespeldeitersgroup.com/loryma/extrudates/