Loryma’s Lory Starch Opal provides better bonding for bakery decorations

Ingredients specialist Loryma has expanded its product portfolio with a new pregelatinized wheat starch with excellent solubility: Lory Starch Opal. As an adhesive for seeds and decorative seasonings, the modified wheat starch not only reduces waste during production processes, but also guarantees an aesthetic, glossy appearance. Dissolved in water, it can be sprayed hygienically onto baked goods in both artisanal and industrial production.

With Lory Starch Opal, seeds, grains and decorations can be easily fixed onto dough. The fine, white, free-flowing powder is simply mixed with water to create an instant product that does not sediment. The modified pregelatinised wheat starch is characterized by a very low, cold viscosity, making it possible for the solution to be sprayed on too. This method offers significant hygienic advantages because neither application aids such as brushes nor immersion baths come into contact with dough.

Norbert Klein, head of product development at Loryma, said: “Manufacturers want less rejects, while consumers want an appetising product. Lory Starch Opal meets both these demands: decor, grains and seeds adhere firmly and with a glossy surface, the baked goods make a fresher impression. Food waste due to material loss is thus reduced to everyone’s satisfaction.”

For more information, visit: http://www.loryma.de/en/

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