Müller’s Mühle presents SMART Pulses Pro range of legume flour concentrates at IFFA

At this year’s IFFA held in Frankfurt in May, Müller’s Mühle presented their natural, allergen-free legume flours of the SMART Pulses Pro range. The functional flour concentrates have a high protein content of up to 65 per cent, which makes them an ideal raw material for meat alternative texturates that help optimise the nutritional profile of both plant-based concepts and hybrid applications with reduced meat content.

SMART Pulses Pro concentrates are ideal for further processing into high-quality texturates that serve as the basis for vegetable-based meat substitutes because of their high protein content and structure-forming properties. In addition to vegetable protein, Müller’s Mühle pulses provide fibre and minerals, B vitamins and trace elements, making them superior to protein isolates in this respect.

Commenting on the new product, Uwe Walter, Managing Director at Müller’s Mühle, said: “Pulses are true all-rounders: resource-saving in cultivation, clean label, and rich in nutrients and protein. Meat alternatives with our SMART Pulses Pro thus serve several major trends of our time, such as sustainability, naturalness and vegetable proteins, with excellent technological and sensory properties.”

The concentrates are produced in a new air separation plant. This technology separates the protein-rich fractions of the ground pulses, and the resulting high-protein flours are then further processed into textured vegetable proteins. For this purpose, the flours are converted into a fibrous structure by wet or dry extrusion in order to achieve a meat-like texture.

Depending on customer requirements and product concept, customised complete solutions including colouring and seasoning can be produced.

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