New iron gummy supplements tackle metallic taste and absorption issues

TopGum Industries Ltd. is launching IronGum, a new line of high-dose iron gummy supplements that overcome major consumer barriers. The vegan gummies utilize the company’s proprietary Gummiceuticals and TopCaps technologies to deliver an iron supplement without the typical unpleasant metallic aftertaste.

TopGum Iron-Rich Gummies

The global iron deficiency problem

The new products aim to help address iron deficiency, which affects around 25% of the world’s population according to the World Health Organization. Iron deficiency can cause anaemia, fatigue and weakened immunity. Even as demand for iron supplements rises, options that are both palatable and effective have been limited.

Prebiotics and microencapsulation mask iron flavour

The Gummiceuticals technology allows for a high dose of iron to be incorporated into a great-tasting, sugar-free gummy using prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) fibres as the sweetener. The TopCaps microencapsulation system further masks unpleasant iron flavours while ensuring efficient delivery of the nutrient.

Formulated for enhanced absorption

In addition to ferrous fumarate as the iron source, the IronGum products are fortified with vitamins C and B12 to promote absorption. Ferrous fumarate provides a high concentration of elemental iron and tends to cause fewer gastrointestinal side effects compared to other iron forms.

Clean label and dietary compliance

The vegan, pectin-based gummies are non-GMO, use natural colours and flavours, and contain no added sugars, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. This allows the products to meet a variety of dietary needs and preferences.

Significant market opportunity

With rising demand for iron supplementation, the global iron supplement market is projected to reach $518.7 million by 2028 according to Credence Research. TopGum’s technologies position IronGum to potentially “revolutionize the iron supplement experience” according to Chief Product Officer Doron Delouya.

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