Pall leverages the Internet of Things to optimize efficiency, quality for brewers

Pall Corporation, a leader in filtration, separation and purification technology, introduced BeerIoT, a powerful solution for handling data and information, based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The beer-making process is complex, with high-quality standards set to preserve the specific taste and flavour of a particular brew. Large-scale breweries have the added challenge of maintaining consistency across multiple sites. Historically, it has been difficult to access and evaluate meaningful data in real-time to address potential issues before they impact product quality.

Pall BeerIoT provides easy access to accurate, quantifiable data on various devices that enable real-time decision-making to optimize operations. For brewers who need additional support, there is a consulting service option available for process optimization based
on the data generated from the system. With unprecedented access to real-time and historical data, process optimization becomes more efficient, which improves overall operational expenses (OPEX).

“In the brewing industry quality and efficiency is paramount, and maintaining a high level of quality, is especially challenging without the right data and connectivity,” said Dan Huntsberger, Vice President and General Manager of Food and Beverage at Pall. “BeerIoT directly addresses this challenge and is a prime example of how we innovate our portfolio to provide more sustainable, reliable and cost-effective technologies to the brewing industry.”

Pall IoT solutions have already demonstrated cost savings and increase quality and efficiency in the wine making industry. Since launch in 2020, customers using crossflow systems in winemaking applications have realized up to around 20% cost savings annually.

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