‘Pick, process and Place’ seafood lines

Cabinplant has developed new customised lines using the latest robot and vision technology. In addition to ’pick’ and ‘place’, Cabinplant is adding a third dimension by integrating ‘processing’ to the solution. The labour-saving solutions are resulting in higher yield and improved quality compared to manual handling. Features include vision control, for measuring weight and dimensions; tracking of product and package; automatic trimming; waste removal and reduced give-away. The machine is completely washable and composed entirely of stainless steel. The latest robot technology development for sardines includes the automatic cross-packing of sardines in cans and full traceability of product and packaging. This solution integrates grading, nobbing and packing in one operation. For shrimp, the solution carries out automatic de-heading, full traceability of product and package and integrates size/colour grading and packing.


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