SAVRpak’s new moisture control technology adds shelf-life to fresh produce

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SAVRpak moisture control technology

Blackberries test: control without SAVRpak left (14 days), and with SAVRpak right (14 days).

SAVRpak, a food technology company, has launched SAVRpak Drop-In, the first moisture control technology that extends the shelf-life and freshness of produce up to three times. It creates the perfect atmosphere inside the package for a longer period by eradicating a number of causes of premature moulding, wilting and spoilage of peel-less and packaged produce including berries, leafy greens, grapes, mini cucumbers and others. Successful trials have been completed with Divine Flavor, Ocati, RCG Fruits, and Agrovision.

The SAVRpak Drop-In is a thermodynamic, biodegradable, chemical-free pouch that is placed in produce packaging before being sealed. Within minutes, SAVRpak’s Atmospheric Control and Transmission (ACT) technology begins purifying the atmosphere within the package to slow the ageing process by targeting conditions that affect shelf-life, such as excess moisture and condensation, as well as external contaminants like bacteria. As a result, this extends the marketable shelf-life of produce by up to three times – ultimately giving consumers a longer window to enjoy produce at home while reducing waste.

Better food preservation

“We’re excited to be able to address an area of food preservation that has been unachievable to date, and that’s the ability to extend the life of peel-less produce like berries and leafy greens,” said Grant Stafford, SAVRpak Co-CEO. “Building on our success in the foodservice delivery realm, we have successfully transformed the basic technology to address a category that lacked a solution to keep food fresh for longer while reducing food waste – a top culprit of greenhouse gas emissions.”

The SAVRpak Drop-In produce solution will first roll out in the U.S. and Latin America with berry suppliers that have undergone successful trials proving the technology’s efficacy in extending the shelf-life of produce.

“We saw the most amazing results through our berry trials with SAVRpak,” said Fernando Garibay, RCG Fruits General Director. “Blackberries, in particular, are very delicate, and often experience postharvest reddening and other changes in visual appearance and taste which reduces marketability and results in waste. This is a challenge the industry has not been able to solve, but SAVRpak proved to keep our berries’ beautiful colour intact and kept them fresh for longer, maintaining the quality our customers count on.”

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