STOPP initiative aims to introduce circular solutions to reduce plastic packaging waste

STOPP, a collaborative initiative that aims to change the food packaging value chain by promoting circular and sustainable solutions in an effort to promote sustainable food packaging use and reduce plastic waste, has begun operations.

The initiative (co-funded by the European Union – €3,998,452 from Horizon Europe) aims to significantly reduce the environmental impact derived from the use of plastics in food packaging in line with the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. With ambitious goals to cut down on packaging waste by 2030, the project will involve all the links in the food packaging value chain, from the agri-food sector to the end users, the food retail industry, and policymakers.

The STOPP initiative plans lead Europe’s transition into a more sustainable usage of food packaging that keeps food safety standards. For 36 months, fourteen partners from seven countries will closely collaborate to maximize the project efforts and results. The project outcomes are meant to set a basis for the European decision-making process towards plastic usage in the food value chain and are in line with the European Green Deal.

STOPP will create circular strategies for plastic usage and processing. It will also generate awareness campaigns within a multi-actor network that involves profiles from every stage of the food packaging value chain. Some of its specific actions will be:
• To analyse the impact of plastic waste in different ecosystems
• To monitor the current use of plastics in the food packaging industry
• To create a sustainable business model that can be replicated
• To take actions that enhance recycling
• Conducting a customer voice study.