Sustainable sweetness: Dutch innovation targets US food industry

Fooditive Group, a Dutch plant-based ingredient manufacturer, is preparing to introduce its groundbreaking sweetener, Keto-Fructose (5-keto-D-fructose), to the American food and beverage market. This novel sugar alternative, currently undergoing FDA GRAS assessment, promises to set a new benchmark for sugar substitutes with its exceptional taste profile, functional properties, and sustainability credentials.

Fooditive Keto-Fructose sugar

Unparalleled functionality

Keto-Fructose offers a unique combination of intense sweetness whilst preserving the crucial functional properties of sugar. This breakthrough enables food and beverage manufacturers to develop healthier, sugar-free products without compromising organoleptic qualities or shelf-life stability.

The sweetener, derived from apples and pears through a proprietary fermentation process, can effectively replace sugar in a wide range of applications, including confectionery, baked goods, fruit preparations, glazes, and beverages. Its ability to closely mimic the flavour profile of sucrose makes it an ideal candidate for sugar reduction strategies without sacrificing the sensory attributes consumers expect.

Industry partnerships and market potential

Fooditive is currently in negotiations with several major players in the food and beverage sectors to introduce Keto-Fructose to a broader market. The company is actively seeking additional partnerships with leading manufacturers, distributors, and industry innovators to accelerate the adoption of Keto-Fructose in the US market.

Moayad Abushokhedim, CEO of Fooditive, commented on the multifaceted approach to sugar replacement, saying: “Fooditive understands the challenges associated with replacing sugar, and we recognise that the effectiveness of a sugar alternative is not solely measured by taste. This is why our Keto-Fructose sweetener goes beyond replicating the beloved sweetness of sugar. Its additional functionality enables seamless use in applications and reflects our dedication to meeting the real needs of food manufacturers with forward-thinking solutions.”

Fooditive Keto-Fructose sugar

Sustainability and economic viability

Beyond its organoleptic and functional attributes, Keto-Fructose boasts impressive sustainability credentials. The production process utilises waste side-streams from apple and pear processing, contributing to a circular economy model and minimising environmental impact. This approach not only enhances sustainability but also ensures an economically viable product for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Highlighting the company’s mission, Abushokhedim said: “Fooditive stands at the forefront of supporting the food industry’s desire to reduce sugar content while preserving the qualities that sugar adds to food products. This new sweetener embodies our spirit of innovation, our commitment to sustainability and health, and our mission to identify ingredients that fulfil the needs of American food producers and enable them to meet consumer demand for healthier products.”

Future implications for food science

The introduction of Keto-Fructose to the US market could have far-reaching implications for food science and product development. Its unique combination of sweetness, functionality, and sustainability addresses several key challenges faced by the industry in sugar reduction efforts.

As consumer demand for healthier alternatives continues to grow, ingredients like Keto-Fructose may play a crucial role in reformulation strategies. Food scientists and product developers will likely be particularly interested in its potential applications in challenging categories such as confectionery and baked goods, where maintaining texture and mouthfeel can be particularly difficult when reducing sugar content.

Moreover, the use of fermentation technology and upcycled raw materials in the production of Keto-Fructose aligns with broader industry trends towards more sustainable and circular production methods. This approach could potentially inspire further research and development in the field of sustainable ingredient production.

As Keto-Fructose progresses through the FDA GRAS assessment process, food scientists and industry professionals will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how this innovative sweetener performs in real-world applications and whether it can truly deliver on its promise to revolutionise sugar reduction in the American food and beverage industry.