SweetSep™ columns – The new benchmark for carbohydrate analysis

SweetSep is a new line of High-Performance Anion Exchange (HPAEC) columns from Antec Scientific for reliable and superior separation of all classes of carbohydrates including N-glycans using PAD or MS detection.


High Performance Anion-Exchange Chromatography (HPAEC) is the most powerful analytical technique for carbohydrate analysis due to its ability to separate all classes of alditols (polyols), aminosugars, mono-, oligo- and polysaccharides including glycans, according to structural features such as size, composition, anomericity and linkage isomerism.

Highly monodisperse particles

Antec Scientific developed a novel pellicular anion-exchange stationary phase called SweetSep AEX. The phase is based on highly uniform monodisperse 5 μm resin particles of crosslinked poly (divinylbenzene-co-ethylvinylbenzene) copolymer. The particles are furthermore coated with quaternary amine functionalized nanoparticles.

High efficiency with low backpressure

The resin particles packed in inert, metal-free HPLC columns result in exceptional column efficiencies with typical reduced plate height close to 2.0 with only moderate column back pressure. SweetSep AEX columns allow for rapid, high-resolution separations of carbohydrates that rival the performance of existing phases based on smaller particle size but operates with significantly lower system back pressures. The size and exchange capacity of the latex nanoparticles is optimized to enable the analysis of a wide variety of carbohydrates samples ranging from monosaccharides present in food, plants and glycoproteins up to oligosaccharides such as FOS (fructooligosaccharides) and N-linked glycans.

Analysis of 15 sugar standards found in honey on a SweetSep AEX200 column using HPAEC-PAD

Instrumental requirements

SweetSep columns can be used with any High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography (HPAEC) system on the market such as the IC systems. Several bioinert HPLC systems are also suitable for use with HPAEC when equipped with a Pulsed Amperometric Detector (PAD) such as the Decade™ Elite (Antec Scientific). For consistent results, ease of use, and highest reproducibility, the Antec Scientific ALEXYS™ Carbohydrate Analyzer is recommended.