Texture Maker brings Asian desserts trend to Europe with Chewco baking solutions

Tapioca starch-based ingredient specialist Texture Maker is introducing Chewco, an enticing collection of baking mixes that brings the trendy flavours of Asian desserts to Europe’s B2B bakery market.

Beyond K-Pop and mangas; Korean and Japanese cultures have also left their mark on the food industry, capturing the attention of Gen Z and millennials seeking unique and exciting snacks.

Throughout Europe, the appeal of Asian-inspired delicacies like bubble waffles, mochi ice cream, and taiyaki has soared. A key driver behind this trend is the ever-growing popularity of bubble tea shops, which are strategically incorporating dessert pairings to complement their beverages and make them stand out from the fierce competition. These desserts not only need to align with boba’s theme but also entice customers with distinct and captivating taste, hence the popular choice of Asian desserts.

The increasing demand for Asian treats extends beyond the restaurant segment, making significant strides in the retail industry. Mochi ice cream, in particular, has taken the frozen aisle of supermarkets by storm, and famous biscuits brands have been incorporating new eastern flavour choices like spicy mango, ube, matcha, or Thai tea to their popular products.

The widespread adoption of these Asian-inspired flavours in packaged snacks showcases the growing appeal and demand for unique taste experiences across Europe. Chewco, a brand of Texture Maker, offes an exceptional range of baking mixes that harness a one-of-a-kind stretchy and squishy texture. Mochi waffles, mochi donuts, mochi bread, and mochi
puffs are just some of the delicious options available with Chewco mixes.


The term “mochi” refers to a Japanese dessert made from pounded glutinous rice. When something is described as “mochi-mochi”, it embodies a soft, elastic, and slightly squishy quality, reminiscent of the rice cake. Chewco achieves this unique texture by incorporating different types of tapioca starches into its baking mixes, the same ingredient that lends boba pearls their chewiness.

Engineered for efficiency and convenience, these versatile mixes allow streamlining in-store operations and are a great solution for franchises striving to uphold consistent texture and quality across all their outlets.

Freeze stability and mass production

Chewco mixes also offer freeze-stability and are designed to meet mass-production requirements, which makes them an ideal choice for industrial bakery production.

For more information, visit: www.texturemaker.com.tw

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