VOG Products introduces base for apple vinegar

Swiss fruit-processing company VOG Products has produced a base for apple vinegar (cider) for the first time. For apple vinegar, VOG Products has special tanks for fermentation. Concentrate and juice from high-quality raw goods are used as base for the cider that is further processed by the vinegar industry.

The company notes that there appears to be a trend in the market moving from balsamic vinegar towards apple vinegar.

“As experts in apple processing, we intensively explore the spectrum of product innovations that we can use to satisfy our customers’ specific needs even better or address new customer segments,” explained Christoph Tappeiner, CEO of VOG Products.

Another new addition to the VOG Products portfolio is apple flour and dried apples in the form of rings or cubes, which are targeted at the baked goods and sweets industries, as well as granola producers and suppliers of fruit preparations.

VOG Products provides healthy, safe and high-quality products that are individually adapted to customer requirements.

For more information, visit: www.vog-products.it