Ynvisible’s printed electronic paper is cost-effective solution for dynamic labelling

Ynvisible develops and produces e-paper displays, which are cost-effective, extremely low-power, thin, and flexible to use. The e-paper displays are printed on PET plastic substrates using the company’s roll-to-roll process. The e-paper is a thin, flexible, and cost-effective solution that features an optimal price/performance ratio and a wide range of possible applications. Ynvisible e-paper is being used as digital signage and smart labels in the apparel and fashion industries, as public information displays, and by food retailers for dynamic labelling.

“Customers choose our e-paper displays when other display options are expensive, power-intensive, or inflexible. Our display solutions are ideal for battery-powered or battery-less applications thanks to the microwatt power consumption, low operating voltage of only
1.5 volts, and image memory characteristics,” explains Keith Morton, Director of Sales & Marketing for Ynvisible.

Printed electronics have opened the door to new opportunities to print flexible electrical circuits directly onto various substrates like plastics, papers, and textiles.

While established technologies such as reflective LCD, electrophoretic e-paper, and LED displays often involve high production and acquisition costs, Ynvisible’s printed e-paper is already replacing these technologies in a

variety of industries, such as retail. Through advanced and sustainable roll-to-roll print production of the e-paper displays, the reflective screen technology, based on conductive electrochromic polymers that change colour at just 1.5 volts, can be offered 50% more cost-effectively than competing large-screen formats.

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