Alfa Laval membrane filtration systems to turn crop leftovers into prebiotic dietary fibre for a Danish food facility

Alfa Laval membrane filtration

Alfa Laval, a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling, will supply membrane filtration systems to a food facility in Denmark for the production of healthy dietary fibre from crop leftovers. The company’s membranes will be used to extract fibres from sources such as brewers’ grains, corn stover and wheat straw, improving the circularity of the food chain.

The Alfa Laval membrane filtration systems will be used  to recover and purify crop leftovers, mainly supplied from local farmers, and process it into prebiotic dietary fibre. These prebiotic fibres are not digestible by the human body but help ensure healthy bacteria growth in the stomach.

“This is an interesting order in a new and promising application for our membrane systems improving the circularity of the food chain,” says Nish Patel, President of the Food & Water Division at Alfa Laval “Our efficient membranes will be able to extract valuable fibres and thereby turn former waste into sellable ingredients, which will benefit our customers and the environment.”