Biofilms in the food environment

Ed by Hans P Blaschek, Hua H Wang and Meredith E Agle
Pub by Blackwell, 2007, pp 208, €121.50

This book examines biofilms produced by food-borne microorganisms, the risks associated with biofilms in the food chain, the beneficial applications
of biofilms in the food environment, and approaches for biofilm removal to improve sanitation and safety in the food environment. An introduction into the emerging and exciting field of biofilm research in the food environment is followed by a summary of the advanced knowledge in medical microbiology and engineering and its applicability to food biofilm research. The potential directions for biofilm intervention and industrial beneficial applications that may have direct impact on food safety and public health are then covered. Intended to serve as a comprehensive reference source for the food science community, including industry scientists, university researchers and regulatory agencies, not only are general concepts regarding biofilms in the food environment covered, but the book also includes in-depth reviews on biofilm structures, the correlation between strain virulence and biofilm-forming abilities, cutting-edge technologies to investigate microbial compositions in ecosystems and cell-to-cell interactions. Updated findings on molecular attributes and mechanisms involved in biofilm development that might lead to targeted approaches for biofilm prevention and removal are presented. The topics covered and approaches discussed are truly interdisciplinary in nature.


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