Book review: Microbiology Handbook Dairy Products 3rd edition

Pub. by Leatherhead Food International, 2009, e125

This book is one of a series that provides the reader with an easy-to-use reference to microorganisms in different foodstuffs. The third edition of the dairy handbook is highly topical, and features recent developments in dairy processing that can influence the nature and scope of growth and survival of microorganisms in dairy products, as well as associated hazards. The dairy products are divided into seven different categories: liquid milk products; concentrated and dried milk; cream, butter and spreads; cheese; fermented milks; and ice cream and frozen desserts. In addition, the book contains sections on key dairy pathogen profiles, a guide to HACCP with specific reference to the dairy industry, and a detailed list of contacts for various food authorities. Key changes in this latest edition are the recent regulatory changes pertaining to general food hygiene, microbiological criteria for foodstuffs and hygiene rules for food of animal origin. The book also deals with the introduction of a pathogen Cronobacter (Enterobacter) sakazakii associated with the use of powdered infant formulas and linked to outbreaks of meningitis, septicaemia, and necrotising enterocolitis.

Leatherhead Food International,
Leatherhead, Surrey, UK


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