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SIG unveils next generation food and beverage filling technology

SIG, a leading systems and solutions provider for aseptic carton packaging, has introduced its next generation filling technology – a technical masterpiece that’s packed with advanced innovation to optimally equip the food and beverage industry to meet today’s requirements, while at the same time offering all the capabilities to meet future challenges.


Loryma expands portfolio of extrudates

Ingredient specialist Loryma is enlarging its range of functional extrudates that optimise the nutritional value and mouthfeel of various products. The Lory Crisp range brings a crunchy effect to breakfast cereals, muesli bars, and baked goods. Depending on whether they are based on wheat, corn, rice, and quinoa different attributes such as high-fibre, and sugar-free […]


VOG Products introduces base for apple vinegar

Swiss fruit-processing company VOG Products has produced a base for apple vinegar (cider) for the first time. For apple vinegar, VOG Products has special tanks for fermentation. Concentrate and juice from high-quality raw goods are used as base for the cider that is further processed by the vinegar industry.


Hubergroup launches sheet-fed offset ink series for direct food contact

The hubergroup Print Solutions is making more creative packaging and more space for infor- mation with MGA CONTACT, its new sheet-fed offset ink. Thanks to raw materials which have been carefully selected, the ink series is suitable for safe printing on the inside of paper and cardboard food packaging. Together with the right hubergroup dispersion […]


StePac’s automated modified atmosphere packaging boosts Chile’s cherry exports to China

StePac’s lean, automated Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) solutions gained rave reviews among Chilean cherry packers and exporters especially during the recent China cherry export season ahead of the recent Chinese New Year celebrations. The novel packaging formats have proven instrumental in helping the packers make the transition from manual to faster and more efficient automatized […]


Future Crops sowing proprietary basil seeds to give herb long shelf life

The Netherlands-based AgriTech start-up Future Crops, is boosting output of a pure, high-yielding basil variety it successfully adapted for cultivation in the company’s primarily solar powered 2,000m2 vertical farm. The advanced, clean-farming technique for this aromatic basil variety will impart a long shelf life and secure a steady supply of locally grown, pesticide-free herb to […]


Alfa Laval membrane filtration systems to turn crop leftovers into prebiotic dietary fibre for a Danish food facility

Alfa Laval, a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling, will supply membrane filtration systems to a food facility in Denmark for the production of healthy dietary fibre from crop leftovers. The company’s membranes will be used to extract fibres from sources such as brewers’ grains, corn stover and wheat straw, improving […]


NMR Honey-Profiling 3.0 module extends advanced honey adulteration detection capabilities

Bruker has launched the latest version of its NMR Honey-Profiling™ module for the advanced detection of the ever evolving modes of honey adulteration. The new module expands the growing database to 28,000 reference honey samples, covering over 50 countries, 100 monofloral varieties and many polyfloral varieties. It allows honey producers and distributors to check for […]