GoodMills Innovation introduces new range of VITATEX plant textures

GoodMills Innovation introduces new range of VITATEX plant textures

GoodMills Innovation has introduced a new range of VITATEX plant textures which can be used to authentically replicate various meat concepts. And when it comes to processing, the same machines can be used to produce both meat and meat-alternative products.

The company exhibited its offerings with a plant-based butcher store: Peas, soy and wheat, the raw materials for VITATEX texturate, hung from the butcher’s hooks. These raw materials can be used to produce a wide range of vegan and vegetarian applications that faithfully replicate conventional products based on pork, beef and poultry.

Jutta Schock, Head of Marketing at GoodMills Innovation, commented: “Texture is the key to an authentic meat alternative and a decisive factor in whether a product is a hit or miss with the end consumer – if the texture is not right, the decision is made: The product will not be perceived as authentic and will certainly not end up in the shopping cart next time. So no compromises should be made here.”

Processing meat and meat alternatives

There are great parallels in the processing of VITATEX texturates, too, as manufacturers can use the same machines for the production of vegetable mince, patties, nuggets or schnitzel as for meat processing, with no major investments necessary. Texturates pre-swell and are then further processed in a cutter or grinder in the same way as ground meat.

This means that vegetable product lines can also be produced with VITATEX using existing meat processing equipment.

From a sensory point of view, VITATEX products impress with their meaty, fibrous texture and, from a nutritional point of view, with their high protein content.

Thanks to their good water-binding properties, the new texturates can also be used to create individual consistencies.