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Young academics called to enter 2022 Young Researchers Prize

Applications to Nutreco’s 2022 Young Researchers Prize are now open to all PhD students and post doctorate researchers in their first- and second-year of study working in animal nutrition, livestock production, aquaculture, veterinary sciences and cellular agriculture. The award challenges young academics from across the world to showcase their innovative solutions for sustainable and environmentally-conscious […]


ITU and FAO focus on helping farmers embrace artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things

The next wave of technological progress to sustain the world’s fast-growing global population will capitalize on artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve the precision and sustainability of farming techniques. AI, IoT, connected services and autonomous systems together enable farmers to make decisions at the level of a single square metre […]


Validating the natural source of ingredients by Carbon-14 testing

By Jordan Turner Beta Analytic Introduction Natural product testing provides R&D teams and manufacturers with validation that their products are made with natural-sourced ingredients. Carbon-14 levels are measured to determine what percentage of an ingredient or product is naturally sourced and to identify the presence of petrochemical-derived adulterants. Substantiation of “natural” claims on product labeling […]


CORE Organic Cofund nurtures development of organic sector

The EU Green Deal sets a target for 25% of agricultural land to be organic by 2030. Meeting this ambitious goal demands continuous research and innovation in sustainable food production. The CORE Organic Cofund is helping to drive this transition by increasing cooperation between international research activities.


New photonics sensor quickly spots bacteria and pesticides on fruit and vegetables

Researchers supported by the EU-funded GRACED project are developing a novel sensor that could significantly improve food safety monitoring in Europe. The ultrasensitive photonics sensor will be able to reliably detect microscopic traces of harmful chemicals and bacteria on fruit and vegetables within minutes. Monitoring these foods is usually costly and time-consuming. When random batches […]