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The fundamental change in the European non-alcoholic beverage market

In recent years, the Western European market for non-alcoholic beverages (NARTD) has hardly grown in volume, while the number of brands, flavours, and product extensions has grown dramatically. The RaboResearch report ‘With a Little Help from My (Bottling) Friends: Changing Production Footprints as SKU Numbers Rise” explains how this fundamental change will require companies to […]


Safety of glutamates added to food reviewed

EFSA has established a safe intake level for glutamic acid and glutamates used as food additives after re-evaluating their safety. The Authority also concluded that estimated dietary exposure to glutamic acid and glutamates may exceed not only the safe level but also doses associated with adverse effects in humans for some population groups. On this […]


Unique research facility for quality control of fresh produce

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research opened its new research facility for quality control in the fruit, vegetable and flower sector on October 6, 2017. The facility brings together knowledge and expertise in post-harvest technology and agro-food robotics. Worldwide, the need for quality conservation is growing: companies can keep their products fresher and reduce food waste […]


Chocolate snacking: Almonds thrive amid premium, plant-based and texture trends

Indulgence has long been known as a key driver for chocolate NPD, but nowadays consumers are looking for a healthier chocolate experience. According to Innova Market Insights, 11 percent of global chocolate products have an indulgent and premium positioning in 2017 and globally, 23 percent of all chocolate launches tracked in 2017 carry a texture […]


Avocados: Spanish company launches low-fat variety

From Instagram posts to morning smoothies, you cannot seem to escape the avocado in 2017.  But the fruit could soon become even more popular after a Spanish company announced it is launching reduced-fat avocados for the first time. Isla Bonita claims their Avocado Light has up to 30% less fat than ordinary fruits. They also […]


Discovery, plant-based and alternatives lead the top ten trends for 2019

Targeting increasingly adventurous consumers, set on new discoveries and experiences, will be key to developments in the food and beverage industry in 2019. The connected world has led consumers of all ages to become more knowledgeable of other cultures, contributing to 35 percent growth of “discovery” claims, when comparing 2017 and 2016 new product launch […]