Finnish researchers grow sustainable coffee with cellular agriculture

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has successfully produced coffee cells in a bioreactor through cellular agriculture. The innovation can help to make the production of coffee more sustainable. The first batches produced by VTT in a laboratory in Finland smell and taste like conventional coffee.

Scientists identify protein that activates plant response to nitrogen deficiency

Nitrates are critical for the growth of plants, so plants have evolved sophisticated mechanisms to ensure sufficient nitrate uptake from their environments. In a new study published in Nature Plants [1], researchers at Nagoya University, Japan, have identified a plant enzyme that is key to activating a nitrate uptake mechanism in response to nitrogen starvation. […]

Study shows flavonoid-rich foodstuffs lower blood pressure

Consuming more red wine, berries, apples, pears and tea on a regular basis could reduce your blood pressure, because of how the gut microbiome metabolises flavonoids, according to new research [1].

Microbes and hybrid vigour in maize

The interaction between maize and soil microbes influences hybrid vigour, according to a recent study [1]. Many commercial varieties of crops such as maize are first-generation crosses of inbred lines, and their hybrid vigour leads to increased yield.

Climate change threatens food security of 65 nations

Scientists have projected that millions of people in 65 nations globally, including those in Africa and South-East Asia and the Pacific, could face increased malnutrition as climate change and overfishing take their toll on fisheries.

Bluu grows cell-based fish in bioreactor

Already about 90 percent of all fish stocks are considered maximally exploited or overfished, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

NMR Honey-Profiling 3.0 module extends advanced honey adulteration detection capabilities

Bruker has launched the latest version of its NMR Honey-Profiling™ module for the advanced detection of the ever evolving modes of honey adulteration. The new module expands the growing database to 28,000 reference honey samples, covering over 50 countries, 100 monofloral varieties and many polyfloral varieties. It allows honey producers and distributors to check for […]

tna solutions unveils tna robag 3e vertical form fill and seal packaging system

Global food processing and packaging solutions specialist, tna solutions, has unveiled the latest iteration of its flagship vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system, the tna robag® 3e. Featuring a new CXE integrated display controller, smart diagnostic tools and intuitive time-saving components, the system is capable of delivering up to 250 bags per minute […]

SIG delivers more plant flexibility, efficiency with digital recipe management

As part of its digital transformation drive for food and beverage manufacturers, all new SIG filling line systems and downstream units are now equipped with built-in bi-directional digital recipe management. The solution is also available as an automation upgrade which can be retrofitted to installed and existing SIG filling lines.

Caro Nut improves product quality, increases yield with Key’s new VERYX BioPrint Hyperspectral Sorter

Caro Nut Company is a premier producer of snacking nuts, nut butters and ingredients for major brands, private label customers and industrial food processors. Their commitment to food safety, which drives their success, led them to Key Technology. For their nut butter line, Caro Nut selected Key’s new VERYX® BioPrint® sorter. As the world’s only […]