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Ensuring paper sacks are recyclable

The proposed EU Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste (PPWR) aims to tackle the problem of growing packaging waste. One of the targets is to make all packaging recyclable by 2030. To support sack kraft paper producers, paper sack converters and fillers to maximise the recyclability of all paper sacks placed on the market, EUROSAC […]


How to reduce food loss and waste

Around 33 to 40% of the world’s food is lost or wasted every year. These are the startling findings from research highlighted in a recent McKinsey & Co. report. [1] Food Engineering & Ingredients speaks to Christoph Tappeiner, CEO of VOG Products about food loss and a recent case study of an initiative by the […]


Success of vertical farms relies on advanced technology

Vertical farming is increasingly being regarded as one of the solutions for global food production to help ensure sustainability of food supply in the face of climate change. Being indoors, vertical farms are climate controlled and have a significantly smaller physical and carbon foot print. Antti Viitanen, Product Manager at Vaisala for Industrial Instruments, explains […]


Enhancing plant-based snacks with crunchy, protein-packed crispies

Protein-rich snacks such as sports bars, muesli and granola are becoming increasingly popular, while the number of people eating fewer animal products is also growing. An adequate intake of protein is particularly important for this group, with protein-packed snacks an ideal dietary solution. Extruded crispies derived from wheat protein are perfect for plant-based snacks, as […]


Flavour and fragrance analysis II using dynamic headspace by PAL system

Author: Xiaohui Zhang Abstract This application note demonstrated the correlation coefficient (R2) > 0.99 from 26 fragrance compounds analyzed by a CDS Analytical 7000C concentrator equipped with a dynamic headspace (DHS) module. This setup was mounted on a PAL RTC rail and connected to a GC/MS for compounds separation and detection.