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Beta-glucans in beverages to reduce cholesterol levels

Beverages A clinically proven health benefit is one of the strongest value elements in the functional beverage market. One of the most pressing global health concerns today is high cholesterol, withn its associations with cardivascular diseases. In the past a cholesterol-lowering benefit was difficult or impossible to deliver in non-dairy beverages. For many people, elevated […]


Agar for specific Salmonella detection

It is often a challenge to identify Salmonella species in samples heavily contaminated with competing microbiological flora. The new Xylose Lysine Tergitol-4 (XLT4) agar is a highly selective and very cost-effective medium for the specific detection and enhanced recovery of non-typhi Salmonella spp. from food (and other) samples. It enables labs to rapidly determine whether […]


Automated continuous heat treatment

Automated continuous heat treatment A range of innovative fully engineered continuous heat treatment equipment is now available for heat treating bulk solids under controlled atmospheres. The technology ensures optimum retention of active ingredients by minimising the amount of steam and lowering the temperature required to pasteurise or to sterilise the product. The process is entirely […]


Bone health ingredient

Novel application possibilities are now available for the bone health and nutrition market, including gummies, tablets and drinks. With bone mineral density declining from the age of 40, bone health and nutrition are of growing importance to both men and women. Dietary changes like the consumption of collagen peptides can delay the onset of agerelated […]


Animal fats in baked goods

Ingredients IngredientsAs a leading supplier of animal fats, UNIMELT produces versatile fats of high quality which can be used in many different ways for a wide range of products. Animal fats in baked foods have been shown to lead to a very special taste experience and different fats can give different functionalities in end-product applications. […]


Breakthrough in dark cocoa powder taste

cocoa powder taste A breakthrough in dark cocoa powder taste has been made with the introduction by Cargill of its innovative DB82 10- 12% Gerkens cocoa powder. Until now dark powders provided the much valued intense colour for a range of applications, but with such intensity of colour there can be an off-taste, sometimes associated […]


95% pure, natural Beta-Elemene

Pure™ Beta-Elemene is a natural ingredient which is used in the food, beverage and flavour & fragrance industries and is now available on a commercial scale. Compared to conventional Beta-Elemene, which is produced from herbs, it offers the advantages of a purity that exceeds 95%, a quality that is consistent and a 10-fold reduction in […]


Aseptic bags

Four-ply aseptic bags The new four-ply aseptic bag solves the issue of flex cracking, a very frequent problem causing de-lamination, de-metallisation and eventually breaking the bag. This happens frequently and can jeopardise product preservation, caused by the continuous movement of the bag content during handling and transport, which leads to erosion of the bag structure. […]


Better brain function

Ingredients An advanced brain-support ingredient, phosphatidylserine with conjugated DHA for better brain function is available. The new Lipogen DPS can be served in softgels, capsules and tablets. Phosphatidylserine (PS), a phospholipid, and DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, are major components of the brain’s cell membranes. The healthy structure of the cell’s membrane facilitates the signals […]