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Bag-in-box filler

Astepo HS-LA In the compact Astepo High Speed Low Acid bag-in-box filler (HS-LA), filling cycles are shortened by the use of electric servo motors controlling the aseptic filling head and bag feeder. Bags and fitment tooling can be changed quickly and easily and the machine can fill a wide range of bags and products using […]


Broad range of nutritional solutions

With the integration of Danisco, DuPont has built upon the already well-established offering in the area of nutrition and health. To the customer, this means a more extensive product portfolio backed by greater resources and a stronger science focus than ever before. Focusing on the wants and needs of consumers, the company continues to use […]


Absorbance reader used in gliadin ELISA

Researchers in the Sensors and Biosensors Group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, have taken advantage of Tecan’s Sunrise™ absorbance reader and Magellan™ V4.0 software to establish a novel magneto-ELISA for gliadin, a constituent of the cereal protein gluten important in celiac disease, based on optical detection. The group has developed an electrochemical magneto […]


Aseptic blow moulding system

Blow moulding system The ABF (Aseptic Blow Fill) system, a rotary aseptic blow moulding machine (Airstar) with an integrated aseptic filler and capper, decontaminates preforms with an H2O2 dry process, and maintains this sterility when blow moulding PET bottles and throughout the entire filling and capping process. Any possible risk of contamination during blow moulding […]


Beverage innovation

Beverage innovation The innovative liquid concentrate, Elexia, is stirring up tremendous interest throughout the beverage industry with a resulting taste experience that is very close to a freshly brewed tea. Plantextrakt’s innovative concept has emerged as the result of a new production technique, which guarantees that the ingredients are processed in a particularly gentle manner, […]


Algae extract for creamy, low-fat desserts

Algaia launches its innovative texturizing ingredient derived from algae. The ingredient marks the latest technology for formulating low-fat, yet rich and creamy dairy desserts. The company also introduces a line of innovative alginates developed for making edible films. The ingredients are suitable for vegan foods and have been successfully tested in sports drink applications as […]


Automated homogeniser

Automated homogeniser The Omni LH96 Homogeniser Workstation is designed for walk-away batch processing of up to 192 samples and consists of a core processing platform that can be enhanced with a broad range of user specified modules. Optional features include: automatic pipetting, buffer dispensing, bar code reading, sample weighing and refrigeration.


Book Review: Dictionary of Food Science & Technology: Second Edition

Book review Pub. by International Food Information Service and Wiley-Blackwell 2009, e109.00 Distilled from the extensive data held and maintained by the international Food Information Service, IFIS, the dictionary is easy to use and has been rigorously edited and cross-referenced. Now in an extensively revised and updated second edition, this landmark publication features 8,612 entries […]


Anion column for complex sample matrices

The IonPac® AS25 anion-exchange hydroxide selective column is a high capacity column designed for gradient separation of multivalent anions and polarizable anions (iodide and perchlorate) including sulphur species (sulphite, sulphate, thiocyanate and thiosulphate). The column simplifies the determination of polarizable anions by using an isocratic hydroxide eluent with no solvent required for the separation. Analysis […]


Bagger for pre-made wicketed bags

VS bagger The VS bagger is an excellent entrylevel machine for both the baking and produce industry. Operated with manual loading or completely automatic operation, this easy-to-use bagger is versatile and affordable. For polyethylene and laminated, the VS bagger runs bags from 6” to 20” long and 6” to 14” wide. Reliable and compact, the […]